It's Monday

It’s Monday – What Are You Reading? (02/09)

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading was created by Kathryn so that bookworms can show what they have been, what they currently are and what they will be reading during the oncoming week…

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What I Read Last Week

sherwoodSo I have actually finished this book now! Yay. I adored Sherwood. I was really quite scared to read it because I wasn’t a fan of Hunted, so I was very pleasantly surprised.

Currently Reading

44589186I am actually quite excited about this now. I didn’t know much about it when I won a copy at YALC I just knew it was gorgeous and I was intrigued. I am working quite a bit though so I’m really not sure when I’m going to have time to read it.

What’s Up Next

42265183This may be premature, but the lovely Kayleigh is sending me this and I’m hoping it will be here for when I finish Reverie.

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