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End of Year Book Tag 2019

Happy Tag Thursday! I wanted to make this tag yearly, but only just remembered it. We are only a couple of days into 2020 so I think it's close enough... 1. Are There Any Books You Started This Year and You Need to Finish? I have only read the first couple of chapters of both… Continue reading End of Year Book Tag 2019

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Blogmas Wrap – Up 2019

So this years blogmas arguably hasn't been as successful as recent years for me. I typically post everyday through December and I haven't done that this year. I also didn't have the variety in posts that I usually do so that was disappointing. However, I've still enjoyed reading everyone else's posts and have managed to… Continue reading Blogmas Wrap – Up 2019

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Top 10 | Books I Meant to Read This Year, But Didn’t…

To be honest, this could be a long list since my reading hasn't been up there this year, but I'm capping it at 10. Ninth House I was anticipating this book so much that when I actually got it, I didn't want to read it. A lot of people had also mentioned a lot of… Continue reading Top 10 | Books I Meant to Read This Year, But Didn’t…