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My 2019 in Books

I kept forgetting to do this so please forgive my tardiness. 2019 was definitely my worst year for reading since I started reading again in 2016. Put it this way, I read 30 books in the entirety of 2019. I read 25 books in just four and half months in 2016. So I’ve definitely had better years, but 30 is still good…I think…

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And there we have it. I once again flopped massively on my Goodreads goal. I did drop it from 65 (2018) to 45 because I did read 55 in 2018 and I thought it was a big enough drop. I did well until around April when I hit a reading slump. I picked myself back up again for a few months but then struggled through September and my Uni workload was quite heavy so I was just too tired mentally to read anything after that. So in hindsight I am pretty happy with 30 as it wasn’t as easy year mentally or emotionally.

I only have 2 rereads this year which is a huge surprise for me, because I basically want to reread the Grisha trilogy and A Court of Thorns and Roses constantly. And those rereads were my last two books of the year, so winning. I’m not surprised my average is 3.6. I had a lot of meh reads. Thank god for Viper, King of Scars and Sherwood which are probably my favourites. And out of 30 books, 7 of them are Jennifer Armentrout books so it’s pretty obvious who my top author was.

Plus, 9 of these are either eARCs or proofs from NetGalley, publishers and independent authors which is huge for me considering the low number of books I finished.

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