Blogtober Wrap Up

Another year, another spooky blogtober has come and gone so it’s time to wrap it up…

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  1. October TBR
  2. Favourite Autumn Reads
  3. The Addams Family Book Tag
  4. First Lines Fridays #93
  5. The Stranger Inside by Lisa Unger Review
  6. Books With Leaves on the Cover
  7. Autumn Stuff
  8. Autumnal Food
  9. Favourite Novellas
  10. The Autumn Tag
  11. First Lines Fridays #94
  12. Top Board Games for When it’s Wet and Windy
  13. Books You’d Take on an Autumn Walk
  14. Autumn Essentials
  15. YA Horror Books
  16. Hocus Pocus Book Tag
  17. First Lines Fridays #95
  18. Classic Halloween Movies
  19. Autumn Coloured Books
  20. Autumnal Drinks
  21. YA Thrillers
  22. Nightmare Before Christmas Book Tag
  23. Angel Mage by Garth Nix Review
  24. Family Friendly Halloween Films
  25. Witch-y Books
  26. 23 Songs Perfect for Halloween
  27. Halloween Costumes Inspired by Books
  28. Stranger Things Book Tag

I’d say blogtober 2019 was a success. I didn’t post everyday, I think I missed the occasional Tuesday, but I’m very happy with the Halloween and Autumnal content I have dished out this year. Of course some of it was very quickly done as I, once again, forgot about it until the end of September. Let the Blogmas planning begin!

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One thought on “Blogtober Wrap Up

  1. Whoa! You posted so much content. That’s awesome! I’ll definitely need to check out some that I missed. Maybe this will inspire me to do Blogmas this year.


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