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The Autumn Tag – Blogtober

Happy Tag Thursday!

Today’s tag was found over at Perfectly Tolerable and is perfect for Blogtober! Don’t forget to check out her post here!

This tag was created by Jenn over at Jenniely

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Hot Chocolate – What is Your Comfort Book?

I find reading the Grishaverse books very comforting, particularly the Shadow and Bone trilogy. I know them so well at this point that it’s just so relaxing to read.


Pumpkin Carving – What is Your Favourite Creative Outlet

This blog duh. This is pretty much the only creative thing I do so it isn’t like there’s much competition.


Falling Leaves – Changes That Appear Bad But You Secretly Love

I’m really not that fond of change so I don’t really think there’s any part that I secretly like. Starting University was a massive change and even though it’s going well I definitely don’t love the change.


Pumpkin Spiced Latte – Something You Love That Others Tend to Judge

I don’t really know. I think a lot of people look at me weird when prepare things to take pictures for Instagram, like my Bookstagram pictures. I’m building a brand people!


Bonfire Night – What Makes You Explode With Joy

Books! That’s pretty obvious. Animals give me a lot of joy. Having fun with friends. You know the simple stuff.


Fright Night – Favourite Scary Book or Film

I don’t really have an interest in horror. I find it rather boring so I don’t have a favourite scary book or film.


Halloween Candy – Favourite Thing to Eat

I do love to eat, how can you expect me to pick something! If I’m going in the snack route, I love chocolate shortbread, maltesers, flapjack I could keep going.


Scarves – Your Must Have Autumn Accessory

I do love my scarf. I wear it constantly when it starts to get cold and it stays on until it warms back up again.


Fire – A Book or Film That Burns Your Soul

In a good way or a bad way?… Let’s go with good, currently I’m obsessed with Brigid Kemmerer’s Cursebreaker series. I need A Heart So Fierce and Broken so bad!


Toffee Apples – A Book or Film That Seems One Thing But Really Has a Different Side

Oooh that’s tough. Maybe Sherwood by Meagan Spooner. It was 100% different from what I was expecting, I definitely underestimated it.

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