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Today’s tag was discovered over at Perfectly Tolerable and you can check out Brittany’s post here!

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Favourite Book of All Time

black-beautyThat’s so hard! You can’t ask questions like that and expect to get a solid answer. Black Beauty is probably the book I’ve loved the longest.

Favourite Book Five Years Ago

Harry_Potter_and_the_Philosopher's_Stone_Book_CoverDuring my long reading gap, Harry Potter was basically the only thing I read.

Favourite Duology/Trilogy/Series

51jLiPizRbL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_That’s so difficult! There are many, many different things that could go here, particularly with trilogies and series.

Last Book You Read

sherwoodI’m on a go slow with reading yet again. That’s my 2019 reading in a nutshell.

Last Poetry Book You Read

tenor.gifI don’t think I’ve ever read a poetry book. I had to read some in school but they weren’t actual books they were just multiple poems pulled from multiple places.

What Book Most Influenced Your Life

23437156I hadn’t read a book in a long time when I picked up Crows. I wouldn’t have started this blog if I hadn’t read it when I did so that’s a big influence.

Book That Made You Ugly Cry

s-l300It’s been a while since I’ve got that emotional when reading a book, but when I first read this I was about 10 so of course I got emotional and cried quite a bit.

Book That Made You Laugh

51X8n3elYaL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_Every time I think of books that make me laugh, this is usually one of the first trilogies I think of. Particularly Nightblood, the banter is on point.

Character You’d Like To Be For a Day

king-of-scarsZoya! My queen! I did see an amazing piece of fan art for her the other week but I couldn’t find it to put it here, unfortunately.

Book So Good You Dreamt About It

giphy.gifI don’t think I’ve ever dreamt of a book I’ve read. Then again I could have and just don’t remember.

Book You DNF’d

51vdoCLo6NLI have DNF’d quite a few books, unashamedly so. Strange the Dreamer is probably the biggest and most popular book I’ve DNF’d.

What Book Are You Excited To Read

42265183There are a lot of books I’m excited for at the moment. Which is typical when I have no money to spend on any of them.

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