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Today’s tag was found over at Jack’s Bedtime Reading so don’t forget to check out his post here!

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Inside Flap/Back of the Book Summaries: Too Much Info or Not Enough?

That can depend. Sometimes I think they can ruin it by making the outcome of events quite obvious, but how else would you know what the books was about without it?

New Book: What Form Do You Want It In – Audiobook, Hardcover, Paperback or E-Book?

I prefer paperback if the book isn’t too long. I tend to find them easier to hold, but if the book is a book chunkier then I prefer hardbacks because they open easier.

Scribble While You Read: Do You Like to Write in Your Books, Take Notes, Makes Comments or Do You Keep Your Books Clean?

I definitely don’t scribble in books. I keep them squeaky clean. I do occasionally make notes or comments when I’m prepping for a Thoughts While Reading post.

Does it Matter to You Whether the Author is Male or Female When You’re Deciding on a Book?

Er, no. Should it? I probably have a better track record with female authors but that doesn’t mean I’ll hesitate to read something if it has a male author.

Ever Read Ahead or Read the Last Page Way Before You Got There?

Yes. I can’t help it. Sometimes it is accidental, the pages might slip but I do occasionally do it on purpose.

Organised Bookshelves or Outrageous Bookshelves?

OK, I’d love to say organised. I know what I want my shelves to look like, but unfortunately by bookcase is broke and I don’t have the room so it is outrageous.

Have You Ever Bought a Book Based on Cover Alone?

I don’t think I have solely based on the cover. I will read the synopsis before I buy it and take it into consideration so I wouldn’t say I’ve bought something on cover alone.

Take it Outside to Read or Stay In?

Probably inside. Comfy in the corner of the sofa, blanket, cup of tea, book. That’s me sorted. I can’t curl up properly outside.

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