Life Update

Hi Guys!

This isn’t going to be a long post, but just a little update on what’s happening in my life right now that has slightly affected my blogging as of late.

So some of you will know that I started my first year of Uni last September – yes I finally got the courage to make that leap. It hasn’t actually affected my blogging too much up until quite recently.

If you read my blog often you may have noticed a severe lack of book reviews lately. My last review was for Viper and I read that in March. As for April, I read absolutely nothing so I will not be doing a monthly wrap up for April. I had a lot of Uni work and the majority of my hand-ins were in April. As I am doing Journalism and Creative Writing it meant that I didn’t really have the energy to read or focus on a book after doing my work and I had my first exam in five years on Politics and Law just last Thursday. So it has been a lot and I just haven’t found myself picking up a book lately.

This will change! – I hope. As of my exam last Thursday I have officially finished my first year so I am really hoping I will be able to get back into it and have the energy to read once again pretty soon.

As I said this is just a little update to say that I’ve finished my first year and hopefully my content can start branching out once again as it has become pretty repetitive as of late. I will not be reopening my review requests yet s I still have a few books to catch up on, but I will likely reopen it some time over the next month.

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