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Top 5 Wednesday | Nostalgic Ships

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme created by Samantha and Lainey. Each Wednesday there is a new topic where you can discuss your Top 5 in relation to that topic.

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This weeks topic is: Nostalgic Ships — Discuss the first fictional couples you ever got butterflies over, or couples you used to be really into when you were younger…

You say nostalgic so I’m going right back and including TV and Film too!…

Cammie and Zach (Gallagher Girls) – Ugh! I loved these two when I read Ally Carter’s GG’s series. I was so crazy invested in them when I was younger.

Ten and Rose (Doctor Who) – Just out of curiosity, was there anyone that didn’t love Ten and Rose? I cried when I watched that Doomsday episode and I don’t cry at TV often.

Issie and Aiden (Pony Club Secrets) – Pretty sure these two were my first ever ship! I was 8 or 9, it was the first book series I got into and I absolutely loved them! I was so sad when the two of them broke up.

Alec and Magnus (The Mortal Instruments) – I’ve seen a lot of people mentioning The Mortal Instruments in their nostalgic ships but everyone is talking about Clary and Jace but I was always all about Alec and Magus.

Daphne and Fred (Scooby-Doo) – OK, so we’ll classify Issie and Aiden as my first bookish ship and Fred and Daphne as my first overall ship. If you watched Scooby Doo you shipped these two.

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