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Hey guys so I’m doing something a tad different today. Obviously I’ve done Tags before but this one isn’t officially a Tag but a BuzzFeed Quiz, hence why I’ve put Quiz/Tag in the title because I’m going to tag a couple of people at the end.

I didn’t stumble upon this quiz on my own, surprisingly. It appeared on my reader in a post by Musings of a Bookworm and you can see her post here. You can also find the BuzzFeed Quiz here.

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1. Would You Rather Have a Friend Who Loses Your Books, or One Who Dog-Ears Them?

Definitely dog-ears. You can flatten the corner of the pages back down but you cannot get those books back, and I hate not getting my books back.

2. Would You Rather Secretly Love a Book Everyone Else Hates, or Secretly Hate a Book Everyone Else Loves?

Everyone has their own opinion and I do share mine so I’m not majorly bothered about either of these things, but I’d rather hate a book everyone else loves because seeing people hate on a book I love makes me sad.

3. Would You Rather Be Stuck On a Very Long Plane or Train Ride Without a Book?

Well I’ve been on a long train journey without a book and just spent the whole time looking out the window with music on so it wasn’t too bad. Planes always come with entertainment so I don’t think that would be too bad either. Honestly, I don’t mind.

4. Would You Rather Have Dinner With Your Favourite Author or Your Favourite Character?

That’s a tough one. Initial response has me saying character, but the more I think about it the more I’d like to sit and talk to my favourite author for a while. You could get so many details about your favourite characters that way!

5. Would You Rather Date a Character You Have a Crush On or Your Crush From Real Life?

Definitely a character! I don’t have any crushes in real life, real people suck.

6. Would You Rather Have Your Favourite Book Turned into a Movie, or Your Favourite Movie Turned into a Book?

I’m going to go with movie to book. At least you’d gain more details instead of losing half the characters, content and development like you do when books get adapted.

7. Would You Rather Read a Book With an Annoying Cliffhanger, or One Where Your Favourite Character is Killed Off?

Annoying cliffhanger by far! At least that can be resolved in the next one, if your favourite character is gone then they are gone. Unless it’s fanfiction.

8. Would You Rather Lose the Ability to Read Any New Books, or the Ability to Reread Books You’ve Already Read?

Er ouch! That one hurts just a little. I think I’m going to lose the ability to read new books. Because if I couldn’t reread the Grishaverse again, or A Court of Thorns and Roses, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings ugh! I couldn’t live like that!

9. Would You Rather Live in a Library or a Bookstore?


10. Would You Rather Lose Your Place or Get a Paper Cut Every Time You Read a Book?

If I lose my place I can find it again. I don’t think I could deal with constant paper cuts.

11. Would You Rather Have to Always Read in the Dark, or Always Read Books With Tiny Text?

Tiny text. Trying to read in the dark would be more hassle.

12. Would You Rather Read by a Fireplace, or On the Beach?

Fireplace. I hate sand I’d much rather be snuggled in a blanket next to the fire.

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Feel free to ignore me if I’ve tagged you and as always feel free to do this quiz/tag on your blog too!

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