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It’s Monday – What Are You Reading?

Hello Monday!

I saw this being done earlier by Jordan and thought it was a great idea. Hopefully it will help me keep my head down as I keep drifting recently. You can also check out Kathryn’s post to see how it works.

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What I Read Last Week: 511qhmzQuAL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_

I read both The Extinction Trials and The Extinction Trials: Exile last week. I thought it was a great start to the month particularly after I had a slow month in July. However, I read the two between the 1st and 6th. We are now on the 13th and I haven’t read anything since.

So it’s going well…

I did pick up Tempests and Slaughter but haven’t read enough to really say I’ve started it.


Currently Reading: Cover-Reveal-Beneath-The-Citadel

As I said I did pick up Tempests and Slaughter but only read about 50 pages so I don’t really want to say I’ve started it. I’m going to need to crack down on it at some point before the month is out or I just won’t.

So after one failed attempt I went to Beneath the Citadel. I’ve wanted to read this book since I first saw the cover at the beginning of the year so I’m hoping I will like it. I actually started it yesterday and I’m about 25% of the way through. I would have liked to read more today but it hasn’t happened yet.

Up Next: Breachers Ebook-6

I have a couple of options so I’m trying to not set my heart on one just in case I get side tracked – which is likely. Tempest and Slaughter is an option, but I was recently contacted by Anthony Thomas and asked if I would read and review his book Breachers. I did a cover reveal for it with Fiery Seas Publishing a few months ago so I know a little bit about it. I tend to prioritise those that have been set to me by the author over the publisher so this will probably come before Tempest and Slaughter but only if I’m feeling it. If I’m not there’s no hope.

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One thought on “It’s Monday – What Are You Reading?

  1. Hi Emma,
    Oh, I am loving this post. My trouble is that I get indecisive if I have no readathon to springboard off of. Hopefully, I can pick some stuff to read today. As for Tempests and Slaughter, I recently read my first Tamora Pierce book (a story called “Alanna.”). I like her writing, but I am slowing down my pacing because I don’t want to overwhelm myself. She has quite a huge collection of stories. Have you read some of her earlier work? Any favorites?
    Have a wonderful week ahead!


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