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Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman: Review

Norse MythologyNorse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Before The Beginning There Was Nothing – No Earth, No Heavens, No Stars, No Sky: Only The Mist World, Formless and Shapeless, and The Fire World, Always Burning

Shorter than I would like but immensely readable.

Norse Mythology is essentially a collection of stories based on Norse Myths told in an elegant, novelistic way. These stories take you from Before the beginning all the way to Ragnarok.

Now I’ve never read a Neil Gaiman work before but I’m an avid Marvel watcher and ever since I first saw Thor I’ve been interested in the stories of the Norse gods. I suppose I’ve always had an eye for mythology. You could say it started from a young age after watching Disney’s Hercules and becoming enticed in the Greek myths but whatever started it Gaiman is definitely continuing it.

Gaiman writes these stories in his own language, not straying too far from the source material, but creating something that is the perfect place for one to start learning more and reading into Norse myths. Especially if you are like me and have always been fascinated by mythology but never known where to start amongst the sea of stories and characters.

Norse Mythology is an enjoyable, playful and passionate page turner on the gods, especially those many already know of: Odin, Thor and Loki. It is the perfect companion for mythology lovers or even Marvel fans if you haven’t read the comics and wish for some backstory tales.

My only slight critique is the lack of stories about the women. Sure they were there as were multiple hints and fragments. But they were just fragments I would have like a little more.

Still, what there is, is enough to wet anyone’s appetite and get anyone interested in mythology. It is even appropriate for the younger ones too. My favourite was “The Mead of Poets”.



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